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rock around the clock prod ab.

Rock´n´Roll jour 24-7!



CD Nattsudd.

100,00 SEK

Svante Grundbergs ena CD NATTSUDD.

priset är inklusive frakt.


1. Saturday Night/Roy Brown.

2. Chicken Shack Boogie/Amos Milburn.

3. Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-dee/Johnny Burnette Rock&Roll Trio.

4. One Scotch, One Burbon, One Beer/Thurston Harris.

5. Be My Guest/Fats Domino.

6. The House Is Rockin´/Steve Ray Vaughan.

7. Go To Mardi gras/proffesor Longhair.

8. Jump For Joy/Big Joe Turner.

9. Wine, Wine, Wine/Floyd Dixon.

10. Midnight Hour/Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown.

11. Quiet Whiskey/Wynonie Harris.

12. Get Hot Or Go Home/Rocky Burnette & The Rock&Roll Trio.

13. One Track Mind/Wilmer X.

14. One Night (Of Sin)/Smiley Lewis.

15. Whiskey Do Your Stuff/louis Jordan.

16. The House Of Blue Lights/Ella Mae Morse.

17. Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me/Dean Martin.

18. I Ain´t Drunk/Jimmy Liggins.

19. Juiced/Billy Love.

20. Looped/Calvin Boze.

21. Last Call For Alcohol//Julia Lee.

22. A Din Skal A Min Skal/Ole Svensson & The Yumpin´Yimmuny Fans.

Skivan släpptes 2000.

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